Storm Windows

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Hurricane Storm Windows

When we talk about storm windows, of course we don’t mean just regular storm windows, but rather, storm windows with hurricane window glass that is built to withstand hurricane winds. The glass in these specialty storm windows is said to withstand not only hurricane winds, but flying debris as well. As you may have noticed… Read more »

Storm Panels

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Hurricane storm panels

Storm panels are corrugated steel or aluminum panels that go onto a track system or onto bolts around your windows and doors. Generally, each panel in the system overlaps with the one beside it. Of all the “permanent” storm shutter options, storm panels are the least expensive. Although “permanent,” storm panels are normally put away… Read more »

Rolling Shutters

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Rolling hurricane shutters

Rolling shutters are shutters that are affixed at the top of your windows and roll down when you want to make your home storm ready. Rolling shutters are one of the most popular forms of shutters used for hurricane proofing. There are a number of reasons for this. One is that they are easy to… Read more »

Plywood Hurricane Protection

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Hurrican Plywood Window Protection

Although putting plywood over windows and doors in expectation of a hurricane does not meet hurricane codes in most areas, we all see it done again and again every hurricane season. If you have not installed shutters of some type and plywood is your last resort, you need to make sure it is installed correctly…. Read more »

Colonial Shutters

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Colonial hurricane shutters

Colonial shutters are perhaps what we think of most when we think of “shutters.” Colonial shutters sit affixed to either side of a window and fold together as a double door would to cover the window. Of course some houses may have “fake” colonial shutters that don’t actually fold over the window, but what we… Read more »