Hurricane storm panels

Storm panels are corrugated steel or aluminum panels that go onto a track system or onto bolts around your windows and doors. Generally, each panel in the system overlaps with the one beside it. Of all the “permanent” storm shutter options, storm panels are the least expensive. Although “permanent,” storm panels are normally put away in storage when not in use. The “permanent” aspect of them refers to the tracks or bolts which they are attached to when making a house storm-ready.

Storm panels come in a number of styles. Below is a brief over view:

Strom Panels Style #1:

Using a track and bolt system, the panels are fit into tracks at the top of the window and then secured onto bolts below the window. Both the track and the bolts should be permanently installed.

Strom Panels Style #2:

This style is designed with c-shaped tracks that run both above and below your window or door. In this system, the bolts are not permanent and must be aligned with the holes found in the panels once they have been placed in their tracks.

Strom Panels Style #3:

This system consists of simply bolts and the panels. The bolts are installed around then edges of your windows and doors. When it is time to make the house storm-ready, you loosen the bolts, install the panels, and then tighten the bolts to secure them into place.

Some of the benefits of storm panels are that they are inexpensive; they are out of site when not installed for a storm, and they offer good protection. The biggest potential downsides to them are that they often take more than one person to install them; they can be time-consuming to install; they may not always line up exactly the way they’re supposed to, and they also require storage space when not in use.