Colonial hurricane shutters

Colonial shutters are perhaps what we think of most when we think of “shutters.” Colonial shutters sit affixed to either side of a window and fold together as a double door would to cover the window. Of course some houses may have “fake” colonial shutters that don’t actually fold over the window, but what we need to consider are actual, working shutters.

Benefits of Colonial Shutters

  • Relatively easy to install
  • Once installed, colonial shutters are always there and ready to go
  • Colonial shutters make it easy for even a single person to prepare for an oncoming storm
  • They can add addition protection for window glass that is hurricane proof but which could still be broken by flying debris
  • Some models can also be used for security if you leave your home unoccupied for long periods of time
  • Can also be used for practical purposes in non-storm conditions such as when you’d like to control the amount of sunlight you want; can be used for privacy as well
  • Colonial shutters often add a very pleasing decorative touch to a home, and they can come with a variety of architectural flourishes such as arches, curved tops, etc.

Potential Drawbacks of Colonial Shutters

  • If colonial shutters were not installed on your home in the construction phase, you may run into a situation where you don’t have the space needed on either side of your windows
  • Some models may require an extra bar in order to lock the shutters in place

To summarize, colonial shutters are often a popular choice for those who are looking not only for protection, but architectural styling as well. In addition, they can also serve other practical purposes such as controlling the amount of light let into a room or adding a barrier for privacy. Colonial shutters generally run about $18-$30 per square foot.