Hurricane Scale

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Category I – 74-95 mph winds with 4-5 ft. storm surge and minimal damage Category II – 96-110 mph winds with 6-8 ft. storm surge and moderate damage Category III – 111-130 mph winds with 9-12 ft. storm surge and major damage Category IV – 131-155 mph winds with 13-18 ft. storm surge and severe… Read more »

What to do when warnings are issued

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What to do when a Hurricane Watch is issued: • Monitor radio and TV broadcasts for information regarding the storm’s progress. • Fuel-up the family or rental car. • Refill prescriptions for your family and pets, ensuring at least a two-week supply. • Get cash, since ATMs and banks may run out of money before… Read more »

30 Tips For Riding Out A Hurricane

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How to ride out a hurricane - 30 Tips

Another hurricane season is here, and like some before, it’s predicted to be an active one with quite a number of named storms, some projected to hit the US. For years we’ve heard “Have a kit, have a plan,” but what kind of kit?  Are kits really useful?  And what kind of plan?  What are… Read more »

Preparing Your Business for a Hurricane

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If you are the owner of a business, prepare for a hurricane well beforehand. Gather your equipment and inventory and move them to a more protected location. Lock up your office and have copies of vital office records stored in a safe location outside your office’s premises. Evaluate your insurance coverage and prepare for future… Read more »