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Lessons Learned From Past Hurricanes

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Despite the great innovation in this world, still, there is no accurate instrument that can be used to measure and predict the damage that might be brought by the hurricanes. The most common damages that it brings are damages to property, scarcity of the basic needs and worst of all, the death of numerous people…. Read more »

The Upcoming Hurricane Season

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It is now again the hurricane season and the NHC or National Hurricane Center is predicting a busy year for everyone. They have not gotten this right yet, but why take the chance for you and your family? Hurricanes are indeed extremely very dangerous. Materials on the surroundings can be flown off by such high… Read more »

New Development With Hurricane Humberto

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Humberto increased into a Class one hurricane far out in the Atlantic early Friday, becoming the first hurricane of the Ocean season. The U.S. National Hurricane Center stated the hurricane could acquire more strength in front of a weakening tendency likely commences Thursday. Humberto was centered about 310 miles (500 kilometers) west northwest of the… Read more »

Hurricane Sandy Radar Map

Hurricane Sandy Is Heading For New Jersey

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Currently, hurricane Sandy, with winds around 80 mph, is going north across the east coast and affecting parts of Georgia and Florida with tropical storm force conditions. Over the next couple days the centre of the storm will stay over the ocean prior to making a sharp curve to the west and finally make landfall… Read more »

Hurricane Isaac Weighing Down on Louisiana

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Isaac was dropping some of its power Wednesday morning and have been reduced to a tropical storm as it rained down on La. The slow-moving storm, nevertheless, has caused serious flooding in several areas of lower La and coastal Mississippi. Based on a 4 p.m. ET National Weather Service advisory, Isaac had top sustained winds… Read more »