Despite the great innovation in this world, still, there is no accurate instrument that can be used to measure and predict the damage that might be brought by the hurricanes. The most common damages that it brings are damages to property, scarcity of the basic needs and worst of all, the death of numerous people. It has never been easy to survive from the tragedies of these hazardous hurricanes. And in order to lessen the damages and the number of lives that it can take from you, learn from it.

After experiencing the wrath of several hurricanes that have passed by, people have acquired several lessons that they can apply not just in the occurrences of the succeeding hurricanes, but at all times to ensure their safety and security.
The home has always been the greatest investment that a person, couple or family could have. During the occurrences of hurricanes, these homes are at risk of several damages and obviously, you will not be in favor of it. In order to fight back, you must strengthen the roof of your house. Hurricanes have been known for having strong winds that can lift up the roofs of buildings. Learning to secure yours is a big lesson that you must keep in mind. To be able to have a good protection, protect your home in the very first place. Research more about the best tips in strengthening your roof and apply them to yours.

Another lesson that the victims have learned from the past hurricanes is that they should have secured and stored sufficient foods and drinks that are necessary for all the members of the family right after the hurricane. The hurricanes can damage the roads and bridges. They can block them and even wash them out. This implies that there is no assurance that there will be a sufficient amount of food to your place after the disaster. The roads might not be cleaned up and fixed immediately and thus, can limit you from going to the nearby town to purchase foods. The natural resources are also of great risk to damage and can surely affect the food production in your place. It will take some time for your place and the food availability to go back to its normal routine, so you must be responsible and prepared enough for cases like this.

In addition to those lessons learned is to prepare your electric devices and turn off your main switch before the hurricane goes wild. Failing to do so can increase the risk of being electrified and damaging your investments inside the house. The flood is a very common phenomenon during and after the hurricane. It is not just damaging the roads, but can even travel within your home. You must be ready for it and as much as possible, try to have an elevated part of the home in order to have a safe location.
Moreover, you must also be healthy and fit enough in times of danger. There is no one to help you and your family during the hurricane and you must be ready to save yourself and their lives as well. The life of a person is the most important thing that you must take care of during this type of disasters. Losing all those properties is painful, but still better than to mislay your loved ones in life.