Bahama hurrican shutters

Bahama shutters are one-piece shutters that typically are affixed at the top of the window and then is propped open from the bottom. Typically these types of shutters are found in tropical areas where the sunlight is strong and a more or less consisten shading device is desired.

Benefits of Bahama Shutters

  • Fairly easy installation
  • After installation, Bahama shutters easy to make storm-ready
  • One person could easily secure Bahama shutters into place for an encroaching hurricane
  • Like colonial shutters, some who have hurricane proof glass also use them for added protection from flying debris, which could break the glass
  • Bahama shutters are a good option if you need lots of protection from the sun and bright light
  • Bahama shutters are unique and add a distinctive architectural flair to a home

Potential Drawbacks of Bahama Shutters

  • In the past, Bahama shutters have been one of the weaker options for hurricane protection, however new models are now more secure
  • ¬†For some, Bahama shutters may not be flexible enough to let in enough light on a day to day basis
  • There is no solution for protecting doors with this type of shutter

To summarize, Bahama shutters offer a very distinctive architectural flair, however they may not be practical enough for everyone. Due to such limitations, some people choose Bahama shutters on a limited number of windows, such as their dormer windows. Bahama shutters typically cost anywhere from $18-$30 per square foot