Accordion hurricane shutters

Accordion shutters typically come in one or two pieces. As their name indicates, they unfold accordion-like from either one or both sides of the window. Accordion shutters, like every other kind of shutters, have both their positive points and their drawbacks. We will go over these aspects below.

Benefits of Accordion Shutters

  • Strong and secure
  • They reside permanently at the sides of the window and so don’t need to be installed and uninstalled each hurricane season
  • They are perfect for hard to fit curved windows – one of the fewest possible solutions for these windows
  • Easy to prepare for a coming storm – simply pull them across the windows and you’re done
  • Accordion shutters typically come in a wide range of sizes
  • It is possible to get them with concealed floor tracks if you install them across doorways
  • Can also be used as a security measure if your model has the ability to be locked. This can be handy if the home you are protecting is a place that is left empty for large periods of time.
  • If your window allows, accordion shutters can be operated from inside the house

Potential Drawbacks of Accordion Shutters

  • Depending on the style of your home, accordion shutters may stick out and appear unsightly
  • Generally accordion shutters are not built into the home when it is constructed
  • The space where the shutters fold into will cut off window space if your house and your shutters dictate that they be set up that way (some newer models limit this drawback, however)
  • Because the shutters require a tracking system in order to roll back and forth, this can become difficult to work with over time if it is not kept up (think of the problems you might experience with a sliding glass door).

To summarize, accordion shutters are a good, secure solution that are quick and easy to operate once installed. Preparing for a hurricane with accordion shutters is perhaps the fastest method of “shuttering” up your home before a storm. The only true drawback may be their appearance, but even this will vary according to the style of your home. Hurricane accordion shutters run approximately $16-$20 per square foot.