For a person to be safe, the two keys that he must keep in his mind is to prepare for the disaster risks and to act and cooperate with the preparation that the state governments are recommending for the upcoming hurricane season.

The state governing bodies are continuously encouraging and motivating the people to take the necessary actions that they need and to be prepared at all times, especially when there is a predicted hurricane to pass by their place.

The state governments are functioning in these cases by spreading the necessary information and tips that the people must consider in ensuring their safety. The governing bodies are making use of several mediums in spreading and delivering information to their people. Their top medium in connecting to the people of their state is through an interview done with the aid of social media. They are always connecting with weather and disaster organizations in order to gain significant information and to relay them immediately to the mass.

The state governments are also cooperating with the local governments to make sure that safety and security is bestowed to each member of the state. There are evacuation centers that are prepared for the affected people before the wrath of the hurricane goes worse. The government is also providing foods and medicines for the people. Hunger and illnesses are the two great challenges when the hurricane season is coming about. During the disaster, the governing system of the state is continuously looking over the people and checking them out if there are necessary things and actions that are needed to be provided and to be done.

The government will also be providing supplies kits that can greatly help them. It is also encouraging the people to stay inside their homes as much as possible and avoid being away from the other members of the family. The governance team is also advising the people to shut down all the electric devices at home and to ensure their phone, electricity, gas and water services.

The state government is also encouraging the people to protect themselves and their families from those disasters. The family must also have a planned location aside from their homes. Business owners as well as site locations are encouraged to construct workplace plans in times of disasters. In addition to that, the government of each state is also cooperating with the education committee in order to have safe and efficient plans for the children’s learning after the hurricane. About the pets and animals, the families are also advised to have a plan for them. They must be well taken care of during the disaster period in order to avoid traumas and deaths. They are sensitive and therefore, need attention and care as well.

For the cases of the families that live nearby water bodies, they must evacuate or at least be ready enough for the risk that the water will bring. The state governing scheme is also reminding the people to be alert enough and not to do things instantly during the hurricane. The state is strictly requiring the people to stay within the evacuation center and not go back to their places until it is declared that the hurricane is gone.