Hurricanes are violent storms that require quick action on your part if there’s one headed your way. The best thing to do is prepare in advance with a “bug out” or “get-out-of-Dodge” kit, with all the supplies you need to survive during an evacuation. Here’s what you need:

1. An Evacuation Plan
Your family needs to know where to go when a hurricane strikes your location. Plan to meet somewhere far enough away from home, but easy to get to. Consider traffic jams from other evacuees and the ability to travel on foot if necessary. If you’re meeting at someone’s home, be sure to ask their permission so that they can make themselves available to you the moment they hear about a hurricane in the area. It may not be safe to go home. If not, where will you all meet? Come up with a plan.

2.  Water
The number one request during Hurricane Katrina was for water. The survivors of Katrina complained that there wasn’t enough water available. You can avoid this by making sure you have enough water in your bag. You could carry some water bottles, but this can make your bag heavy and unbearable if you have to evacuate on foot. The better option is to buy water pouches that are lightweight and compact. You should store enough pouches for three days, until you can get to a clean water source.

3.  Energy Food Bars
You’ll need to eat foods that will boost your calories quickly in an intense situation like a hurricane. Energy food bars are great to have in your bag. They’ll have the right amount of proteins and other nutrients to sustain you when you’re fleeing the situation. However, don’t pick food bars that have high sugar content, so that you don’t end up crashing and burning when you need your energy the most.

3. Tube Tent
You may not be able to make it to your evacuation destination right away. What will you do for shelter? There may be public and private facilities offering temporary shelter, and a tube tent might be perfect to give you privacy. You can easily store a tube tent in your “bug out” bag.

4.  Sleeping Bag
An emergency sleeping bag is also good to have handy, just in case you come across temporary shelter. There may not be any beds due to a full house, but the shelter might be able to offer you full space. You’ll be a lot more comfortable sleeping in a bag, than on a bare floor.

5.  Poncho
You’ll need to try to stay dry during a hurricane due to rain. You can buy a poncho for your kit. Some emergency ponchos can also double up as blanket to keep you warm. You can buy emergency ponchos that are light weight and they are usually included in a pre-made survival kit. These will come in handy if you have to travel on foot to a shelter.

The more prepared you are for a hurricane, the better off you’ll be. Don’t expect to rely on others for help. Instead, prepare yourself and your family members, and be the help that others will need.