Essential foods for a hurricane

What should you store and what should you erase off your grocery list in preparation for a hurricane? We have some suggestions for what not to stock up on, as well as ten foods that will serve you well during and after a storm.  …

First, let’s look at the list of items you should not be buying. Do not buy snacks like salty chips, crackers and nuts. Aside from not having any nutritional value, these will only make you thirsty. Peanut butter, although protein rich, is also salty, so take it in minimal amounts, or if you think you cannot control yourself, keep this off your list. Candy is also undesirable because aside from causing you to be thirsty, it also has a high level of sodium.

With regard to liquids, do not stock up on sodas and alcohol. Alcohol is obviously not a good idea since you need to be alert and fully conscious in a hurricane situation. Instead of sodas, buy vegetable and fruit juices as an alternative. They are a much healthier substitute. However, if you have infants in your home, monitor their intake of fruit juices because too much of this can cause sicknesses like diarrhea. Also do not binge on sports drinks – drink them in moderation.

Here are some good ideas of provisions to have and meals to prepare:

  1. Ramen Noodles – Food can’t get any easier than this. To enjoy ramen noodles, you just need to pour boiling water over them. If you want to get creative and make this into a salad, all you have to do is purchase chicken-flavored noodles and draw off the broth. Add about a teaspoon of peanut butter and some bacon bits and dried chives and you have a fast and easy Asian noodle salad.
  2. Bacon and Sausages – Purchase shelf-stable bacon and hard sausages and you can have all the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches you want. If you run out of bread or lettuce, you can always add these two to your pork and beans. If you want to intensify the flavor of your bean salad, it would also be a good idea to put in a little bacon and sausage.
  3. Condiments in Single-Serve Packets – Not only are they handy, sanitary and easy to organize, single-serve condiments of mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup are shelf-stable. The uses for these condiments are endless. They can be used as dressing or to add extra flavor to your canned tuna or drained ramen noodles.
  4. Chunky Pasta Sauce and Salsa – Salsa is a good dressing for your sandwich. You can also use it to make a salad by mixing it with other ingredients like dried apricots and beans. The Chunky Pasta Sauce will be delicious with your bacon, cheese and your drained ramen noodles. If you prefer to have pizza instead, put pasta sauce on bread, sprinkle cheese over it and wrap it in foil before grilling.
  5. Cooked Tuna and Chicken – Mix your favorite condiments like mayonnaise or mustard with cooked tuna and chicken and spread it over bread to have an easy and healthy meal. You can also use these ingredients with Ramen Noodles. Mix olive oil, some herbs and some beans and add this to your Ramen Noodles.
  6. Milk– Shelf-stable milk is good and healthy to add to your canned soups. Remember to heat this meal first on the grill. Milk is also essential for your children’s cereal. Always remember to place the milk back in the cooler.
  7. Cheese – Purchase shelf-stable cheese. Good examples of shelf-stable cheese are processed cheese and cheese made with oil. Cheese is perfect for easy and delicious sandwiches. You can transform your cheese into a dip by mixing it with salsa and wrapping this mixture in foil. Grill or melt this mixture. With tortillas, this will make an excellent quesadilla.
  8. Potatoes and Beans in Cans – Beans can be used as the perfect topping for salads mixed with ramen noodles. They are also excellent for rice and sausages. For your potatoes, drain them and mix with milk or canned soup. Warm this up on a grill or on a saucepan and top it all off with cheese.
  9. Puddings and Fruit Packaged Individually – Fruit in cups are a healthy snack. You can also add the fruit to some coconut and layer this mixture with pudding to create parfait. To make a custard sundae, sprinkle some crushed nuts or cookies over it.
  10. Rice and Couscous– Purchase five-minute rice. To cook rice and couscous, simply pour boiling water and leave them to cook. Rice and couscous can be accompanied by beans, some tomatoes or whatever is available in your cupboard.